The dating world has changed. 

Dating apps have become the norm, but the experience is dry, soul-sucking, and a waste of time and money.

That means finding a meaningful romantic connection is no longer in reach for the busy, high-performing socially awkward guy.

But, I’ve created an easy way to start connecting with more people that’s life changing so you can find the genuine relationship you want. How?

I’ve spent the last decade helping men defeat their fear of rejection, improve their social skills, and master their inner psychology.

After coaching hundreds of men since 2013, I’ve learned what works to find a deeper connection and created a system people can replicate without changing who they are.

In my professional life, I’ve been in tech for a decade, half of which was spent as a software engineer. 

While a logical and structured mindset works wonders for programming, it doesn’t translate well to relationships where there’s more nuance, subtlety, and room for interpretation.

Now anyone can overcome their crippling fear of rejection and learn proven methods that work more than once, even if they aren’t sure where to start.

In a world that’s becoming lonelier and more technology dependent, I’m motivated to help those in need by focusing on offline interactions.

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